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Step Forward Wellness is in network with Straight Medicaid and looks forward to working with you!  Click the link below to send us a message with your insurance information and we can get the process started.

Straight Medicaid 

For Physical Therapy

Step Forward Wellness is in-network with Straight Medicaid Health Insurance. Using Straight Medicaid Health Insurance with our Grand Rapids physical therapy clinic is easy. Simply contact us with the link below and share the information on your Straight Medicaid Health Insurance card and we will verify your benefits and then get you scheduled. Once you do that, your therapist will make sure to use our secure service to submit your sessions to Straight Medicaid Health Insurance. 

Because Medicaid is a part of the State of Michigan’s MI-Bridges Healthcare Network, your physical therapy is completely free. Whether you use your Straight Medicaid Health Insurance to see a physical therapist in West Michigan or if you connect from a different area in Michigan via telehealth, you will never owe a copay or deductible. Your physical therapy is completely free as long as you continue to qualify for Straight Medicaid Health Insurance. To understand more about your insurance plan, please contact the State of Michigan Medicaid program and ask them what they cover in terms of “Outpatient Physical Therapy.”

In some cases, Straight Medicaid Health Insurance is also known as Medicaid or MI-Bridges Insurance in West Michigan. Be sure to call your Molina Health Insurance representative to ask questions about using your insurance for physical therapy. If your Straight Medicaid Health Insurance representative has questions, please have them reference the official group name is “Step Forward Wellness LLC.”  We look forward to serving you by providing excellent therapy services at this time, while accommodating your insurance plan. 

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