Dr. Brandon Yuenger

As someone educated by the western medical system where evidence is king, this was some very strong evidence!  A year or two later I found myself in a course learning to perform dry needling.  To get used to what a needle feels like, I was to put a half inch needle into my forearm.  Almost immediately, I started feeling those old dizzy feelings come back.  This was concerning to say the least but not for long on this fateful day!  I fought through these old feelings until the next needling exposure which was a one inch needle to the thigh.  I decided to lay down for this one and when I relaxed I felt the waves of dizzying anxiety turn to pleasure and even laughter!  I finally realized that those old feelings weren't something that was wrong with me, it was something that was very right! 

In that moment I felt that I understood the concept of chi or biological energy.  It made sense that no one could figure out what was "wrong" with me back when I first had those scary feeling because we don't have scientific instruments to measure biologic energy.  This knowledge is powerful. That day I understood the connection of mind, body and spirit.  Unification of these elements is the secret we often miss when pursuing health (or at least avoiding disease).  This is my focus.

The addition of assessment and treatment of chi/biologic energy to my physical therapy practice has been dramatic.  I noticed not only changes in peoples pain but also anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and general improvements in attitude, outlook and spiritual connectedness.  I paid attention to the patterns that seemed to be recurrent with my patients and learned through them a method to make permanent change in a wide variety of areas that can be tricky to negotiate on our own.  I have learned that all things are connected.  It is through that connection that healing occurs.  I am willing to share if you are willing to step forward.

I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Honestly, I'm still not 100% sure.  What I do know is that my purpose continues to unfold in front of me as time progresses.  Below is the beginning of that story.


As I approached the end of physical therapy school I started seeing spots of light in my vision and feeling waves of dizziness and tingling that really scared me.  I thought something was really wrong with my body.  I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days and left with no answers. I was told that it was anxiety, adrenal insufficiency, food allergies, vertigo, etc.  But nothing I tried as treatment really helped.  Until I began paying attention to my energy and emotions.  I learned that a lot of what we feel is interpreted by our nervous system at an unconscious level and how it is interpreted depends on our past experience.  This knowledge combined with trauma-informed mental health counseling and energy work allowed me to move beyond what felt like an immediate health crisis and allowed me to begin developing my practice.

Manual therapies for neural tissues and neuromuscular reflexes and movement re-education made for a surprisingly successful treatment for many with complicated chronic pain and difficult to treat dizziness.  I felt passion for helping those who our medical system couldn't but something was missing.  Most of the people I treated felt great but some of the people would experience the "rebound phenomena" where they would feel better for a while after a session but then their pain comes back; seemingly stronger than before.  This was an issue that needed addressing and I had an idea.  I had been exposed to the non-structural modalities of treatment through meditation in PT school and was practicing sporadically until I had a chance encounter with a woman that would change my practice and life.  She taught me a breathing technique that helped me connect to myself and then to others energetically.  Once I started doing this breathing while working with patients, the "rebound" skidded to a halt.  I was blown away.