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If you prefer to self pay or to pay a cash rate in order to take advantage of your out of network benefits.  This is your option.  You can follow the link below to schedule and pay for any of our services.

Self Pay

For Physical Therapy

Deciding to pay a cash rate opens up various options for you. 

  • Your private health information will not be released to any health insurance company for any reasons.

  • Your insurance may accept “out of network” submissions or a “Superbill” from your therapist and, in that case, you may receive an insurance reimbursement or credit toward your deductible. In this case you will also pay your therapist directly their normal contracted rate first. Then each month (or whatever the desired frequency) you will submit proof of payment and service (Superbill) to your insurance company and receive whatever benefits your insurance company provides.

Simply talk to your therapist about their standard cash rate. You may use your HSA card at this time if you have one. You may simply pay your therapist directly at the end of the session.

***Depending on your financial situation you may qualify for a reduced rate.

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