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Integrative Physical Therapy 

"Healing With Both Hands"

In one hand you have evidence-based, scientific treatment.

In the other hand you have an intuitive approach based on the connection between provider and client.

At Step Forward Wellness, Dr. Brandon Yuenger integrates both science and intuition to help you make a lasting change in your health. 


Dr. Yuenger specializes in treatment of chronic pain and dizziness focusing on finding the underlying cause of your problem by helping you regulate your own nervous system.  The goal is for you to never need treatment again!


Get in touch or book a session to find out more about how Integrative Physical Therapy can help you.  


what people say

—  Karen S

"Before working with Brandon, I was more asleep than awake, more dead than alive. Brandon not only helped with chronic pain & nausea but he also helped clear up vertigo and brain fog. I had suffered for years and seen many doctors. Improvements were gradual but consistent at first with Brandon, and I continued with other procedures to help me cope. Eventually, I was able to get off of most all medication, and no longer needed nerve blocks for pain, Botox for migraines, etc. thanks to Brandon, and the techniques & tools he provided.   


Chronic pain, vertigo and health challenges can leave you feeling hopeless. Please give Brandon a try, and believe in the possibility of your health improving, because I’m proof that it can happen. "